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AyeAye is the unique all-in-one boat computer that combines more than 20 maritime instruments and even more features in one smart hardware device with accompanying app. Suitable for all sailing vessels and motor boats and easy to install, the AyeAye is providing peace of mind for both experienced sailors and novice recreational boaters alike.

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Everything on hand with the AyeAye app

With the intuitive AyeAye app you won’t miss anything that happens on or around your boat and with a few clicks you can operate functions such as autopilot and switches. Whether you are working below deck, lying on deck in the sun or exploring ashore. Even from home you know the status of your boat in the harbour during the winter season. Boat software can be confusing and its operation can cause stress for less tech-savvy users. The AyeAye app combines simple operation with a modern design that is easy to read on the water.

About us

Ahoy! I am Jamos, one of the founders of AyeAye Systems. It all started with our love for sailing, a big old sailboat without fancy instruments and a passion for technology. The first prototype we developed was still a large panel with questionable beauty and improvised composition. But after two years of hard work, a steep learning curve, many setbacks and a lot of inspiration, we were able to make the AyeAye compact and reliable at a competitive price. And now we have a whole crew that has joined forces to make our product available to a broad audience. Based on proven technology and focussing on intuitive usability, our mission is to rock your boat experience in the most sustainable and positive way. So stay on watch, the AyeAye will be available in mid 2021.

Jamos Tan – Founder / CTO


What makes the AyeAye so different from other products?2020-11-30T14:39:42+02:00

The AyeAye hardware solution and app combines more boating devices and features than any other device on the market at a very competetive price. Sustainability is also a major concern in all our plans.

What will the AyeAye cost?2020-11-30T14:39:27+02:00

Although the final price is not yet known, we strive to offer our product at the most competitive price possible to make it accessible to a wide audience.

Can I use the AyeAye without smartphone or tablet?2020-11-30T14:39:20+02:00

Yes, you can connect the AyeAye device with any laptop, smart device or external hdmi display. Also, most MFDs can be connected to read out the sensor data.

What does sustainability mean to AyeAye Systems?2020-11-30T14:39:13+02:00

Sustainability is a major concern for us personally, not only in view of the current climate crisis. Therefore we always try to make sustainable decisions, no matter if it is about the material of the product casing, fair production conditions or future functions that we still want to develop for the AyeAye.


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